Metal Roofing Restoration For Historic St. Josephs Cathedral

Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing is all about rescuing home and business owners. Recently we had a call to help a historic building in Tacoma, St. Josephs Cathedral tackle an ongoing water intrusion issue. We replaced the asphalt shingle section of the roof during the last phase of construction so we already have a great history with the staff and board at the 102 year old worship center. The unique aspect of this project was that it required a crane to reach the work area as you will see in the photos. No problem for the skilled roofing technicians from the best Tacoma roofing contractor.

The Problem
Upon inspecting the steeple area of the church which has a sheet metal steeple we discovered rust and deterioration. This deterioration was allowing moisture and condensation to penetrate and cause costly damage to the interior of the building. 

The Solution
Replacing the entire metal roof was not the most cost effective solution for our client. As a roofing contractor in Tacoma, WA we strive to offer whats best for our customers not what we would like to sell! Instead we cleaned the rust off of the of the sheet metal and treated the entire surface with a "stop rust" solution. Next we applied a PMMA or a liquid applied roof coating that can properly waterproof the metal again and extend the life of the entire roofing system. 

About Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing
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Client Testimonial

          First, and most important to me, I need to thank you for assigning Lupe Ramirez to this project.  He was a very impressive person to work with and a real pleasure to spend time with.  Every day he would call me to give me a daily report regarding his progress, the challenges he faced and what he had planned to do to finish the job.  He took me up to the work site after he had finished cleaning the W half of the parapet, it was very clean including all loose material around the scuppers drops removed.  Today I went back up to see the finished job, I did find some very small spots where they had not fully coated the fabric in hard to reach (& see) spots, due to how narrow the work area is.  He immediately said he would get those spots taken care of today and we agreed I would take another look at the job with the masons as they work around all four sides.  If I see any other spots that need more coating I will be sure to contact you once more before the lift is removed from the site.
             Due to Lupe’s hard work we have managed to finish this job ahead of schedule, thanks to all of you at Tacoma Roofing.

 George Barnes –  Estimator/Project Manager Hilger Construction, Inc.