Why IKO Roofing Shingles?

Heavier Shingles
IKO has done very well in keeping their shingles nice and heavy. While many manufacturers have reduced the weight of their architectural laminate shingles significantly IKO has continued to produce a quality shingle that weighs 230+ lbs. per square. 

High Definition Color
The Cambridge shingle is also a high definition shingle which means better color blends that give the shingle more definition. With other shingle brands you have to pay extra for the high definition color series. 

IKO Provides A True Square of Material
For installers and roofing contractors the coverage rate a material provides is important. IKO Cambridge shingles provides a true square or 100 square feet per 3 bundles. Many other shingle brands are 96-98 square feet. Over the size of a job this calculates into labor and material savings which is a win for both the contractor and the consumer. 

We Support Local By Purchasing Material From IKO Which Is Produced In Sumas, WA. 
Supporting local economies is very important. At Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing we do everything we can to sow into local business by utilizing their services. IKO's main manufacturing plant is in Sumas, Washington. This helps in many ways to make IKO shingles a wise choice for local roofers in Seattle and Tacoma including:

  • They provide Washington families with employment.
  • Pricing on the shingles remains affordable with out costly markups due to freight and shipping. 
  • Less of a  foot print on our environment due to a reduction in trucking services which emit harmful emissions and use our petroleum resources. 

IKO Cambridge Roofing Shingles-

The Best Local Shingle 

Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing is a premier roofing contractor Seattle & Tacoma. Our leadership has installed more than 10,000 roofs over the last 30 years in the Puget Sound. We have installed virtually every kind of roofing product available in the market so we have a pretty good feel of the quality, benefits and disadvantages of each product. After years of installing we have found the IKO Cambridge roofing shingle to be the best choice for us and our customers. There are many advantages to the Cambridge shingle line which we would like share with our consumers. 

How IKO Roofing Shingles Are Made