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Green Water Log Cabin Roofing Project By Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing

This week our team gets to get out of the city and have a change of pace from their normal work week. One of our projects is a re-roof in Greenwater, WA. Greenwater is a beautiful city tucked away from the hustle and bustle of society out past Enumclaw. Every body on our team was excited for the road trip and to be part of transforming this log cabin by installing a new wood shake  roof. 
The old roofing system was well worn and the wood shakes were no longer providing the structure a proper waterproof covering. As roofing contractors in Greenwater, WA we:

  • Tore-off the existing wood shakes
  • Installed new 1/2 CDX plywood 
  • Framed in extended eave overhang
  • Added 2" polyiso flat insulation
  • Installed asphalt saturated felt underlayment
  • Installed brand new premium wood shakes

The before and after shots of the cabin are incredible! There is just nothing quite like the look of a brand new wood shake roof in Greenwater.