Here are Tacoma Roofing and Waterproofing we were pleased to be selected to install a grand new commercial roofing system for the Coca-Cola Distribution Building in Tacoma, WA. When our expert commercial roofing technicians came out to take a look at the existing white granulated torch down roof on the building they discovered it was failing after only 5 years.

In Progress Photos of Our Expert Technicians Installing The Commercial Roofing System

Because of the failing roofing system, we recommended a total commercial reroof. We installed a flat roofing system of ½” fan fold over existing built-up roofing then mechanically fastened screws and plates Versico 60 mil TPO Grey single ply membrane roofing. This complete flat roofing system will provide the highest level of security and waterproofing for the building for years to come to prevent the failings of the old roofing system in the future for the Coca-Cola Distribution Building in Tacoma. 

After New Versico 60 mil TPO Grey Single Ply Membrane Roofing was Installed

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