Commercial Re-Roof In Kent, WA

Tacoma Roofing and Waterproofing recently installed a new GAF Everguard TPO roofing system in Kent, WA. Our client found us online and scheduled an appointment. One of our technical reps met with the building owners and performed a thorough walk through. The condition of the existing roofing system included many failed patches, consistent leaking and  failed skylights. Our technical rep provided a detailed report to our client allowing them to see the areas of concern as well as options to waterproof the structure. We offered a full tear-off and re-roof as well as a value engineering option to recover the roof since there was only one existing layer. Our client chose the recover to avoid having to absorb the cost of tear-off and dump fees. We were happy to be able to respond and provide our reliable services as a commercial roofing contractor in Kent, WA.


The New Roofing System: GAF Everguard 60 Mil TPO Roofing System

As you can see above the new GAF Everguard 60 Mil TPO system turned out beautifully. Due to the amount of ponding water we utilized Insulfoam's EPS ( expanded polystyrene) tapered insulation to build a slope from one half of the roof, causing the water to drain properly. R Tech EPS is also the perfect recover board. We mechanically fastened the 60 mil TPO membrane to the roof deck and heat welded the seams with our Verimat welder creating a monolithic seam that will be watertight for years to come. To put the finishing aesthetic and waterproofing touches on the roof we installed new skylights, sheet metal coping and collector boxes. Our clients were pleased with the finished product we provided and we were happy with the work our crews provided. 

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