Metal Roofing Installation In University Place, WA

At Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing we specialize in all types of roofing. We often feature our larger commercial single ply or modified bitumen jobs, but today we would like to show you another facet of what we do here at TRW. In 2016 we launched an exciting new architectural sheet metal division out of our company that is directed by Rich Thompson. Along with our large profile commercial projects we are also providing new metal roofs in University Place, WA

Metal-Roofing-Contractor-University Place, WA (1).jpg

Our featured job this week is unique! We were invited to bid on the reroof of a boat house right here in University Place, WA, not to far from our office. Our consultative approach and industry experience won us the job. One of the unique facets of this job is that it had 2 layers of composition shingles on it and was about 200-300 yards away from the nearest entry point, meaning we had to hand pack all of the tear-off material to the truck. What a job!!!

Breyer TBC Ultra Metal Roofing Panels

On this particular roof we installed a Breyer TBC Ultra metal roofing panel. The color of the panel is Royal Blue. We went with a 24 gauge panel which is a thicker, longer lasting gauge. As a metal roofing contractor in Tacoma we highly recommend installing metal roofing. It last more than twice the lifespan of asphalt shingles.  

Breyer TBC Ultra Panel Profile

We love to be one of the premier metal roofing contractors in Tacoma, WA! If you have an upcoming metal roofing project contact us by filling out the contact for below!