Additional Damage Done By Lynnwood Fire, Tacoma Roofing Fixes Damage

On January 25th a devastating fire at the Scriber Creek Apartment Senior Complex in Lynnwood, WA lit up the night sky. Fortunately the building was still under construction and there were no tenants in the building. Two firefighters were injured in attempt to subdue the fire. See the pictures below to get some perspective on the magnitude of the fire. 

The Story Continues, Damage Beyond Scriber Creek

This story continues as lives and local establishments were affected beyond the fire itself. 3 months ago we re-roofed the NW Church in Lynwood with 48,500 sq ft of 45 mil Versico TPO over 1 lb EPS. It was part of a restoration project that would protect the church for years to come. In the chaos of the fire something unexpected happened, hot embers from the structure fire at Scribe Creek poured onto the brand new Versico TPO roofing system. The results were as you would expect, burn marks and areas where the coals melted completely through eliminating the waterproofing ability of the sheet. Check out the pictures below for reference. 

Tacoma Roofing Will Do It's Part

When we received the call reporting the damage we dispatched a crew right away to do everything we could to get the roof waterproof again. You will see in the pictures above that our crews walked the roof and looked over every inch to find burn marks or anything that would compromise the membrane. The affected areas were cleaned and we welded new TPO patches. While this provides a temporary solution there will be many more trips out to the church in the next few weeks to attempt to patch up the damage and protect the inside of the building. We wish the NW Church and all the surrounding communities the best and hope for a speedy recovery from any damage you suffered. 

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