Leak Repair On Emmanuel Bible Saves The Day

Recently we had the privilege of installing a new roof on the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Olympia, WA. We installed a modified bitumen roofing system, better known as torchdown. The finished product was great, and everything was in order to finish up the contract and part with our clients in perfect standing. Then something unexpected happened!

Our clients continued to experience water intrusion issues shortly after we completed the roof. Of course we took the necessary steps to trouble shoot the leaks. We were confident that our workmanship and wateproofing was on point, but we stand behind our work so if there is an issue we are going to solve it. We sent out a technician that went over every inch of the roof checking for improper installation techniques and installation errors. After a thorough inspection we just couldn't find anything wrong with the install.  We round tabled with our team and our clients and decided we would give it another shot. On our next inspection we began to look outside of the scope of roofing into other possible trades.

Upon inspecting the HVAC duct work we located the culprit, the water intrusion was definitely coming through the duct work. This gave us another opportunity to help the church! They didnt have it in their current budget to replace all of the HVAC system, so we proposed a value engineering option to coat the duct with a silicone roof coating by GACO. The system worked like charm and eliminated the leaking. Below you will see pictures of the entire process from using seam seal on the seams, priming and the finished coated ducts. 

When it comes to contracting solutions are usually not one size fits all! In this situation we needed to get creative in order to provide the right solution for the church. It saved them tens of thousands of dollars and relieved them of the pressure of coming up with the money or taking out a construction loan. 

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