Tacoma Roofing Installs New Versico TPO Roofing System In Covington, WA

Commercial Roofing Covington

Tacoma Roofing is at it's best when we are doing what we love, installing new commercial roofing systems. As you can see from the picture above the Polaris in Covington was quite the undertaking. There were multiple buildings that were over 20,000 sq ft of roofing and were over 5 stories requiring a stick crane to load the material on the roof. This project was installed and completed on time without any major delays or issues, that is the Tacoma Roofing standard of service. 

The Roofing Assembly On Polaris of Covington

Every roof is unique in terms of the required roofing assembly that will properly waterproof it. The Polaris of Covington specification called out for: FR 10 fire rated slip sheet, 1/4" Dens Deck cover board and Versico 60 mil TPO. 

FR 10 Fire Rated Slip Sheet 


FR-10 fire resistant slip sheets enhance the overall fire performance of many conventional commercial roof insulation systems, including metal roofs. FR-10 is coated-glass fiber mats specifically designed for installation over wood decks or certain combustible insulation.

  • Superior protection against flame spread and penetration.
  • A lightweight and easy-to-install roof system component.
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over noncombustible decks and expanded polystyrene
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over combustible and noncombustible decks and extruded polystyrene

Fire-Retardant Slip Sheet Recommended Uses

FR-10 is specifically formulated for use over wood decks or polystyrene insulation. The proprietary flame-retardant coating and glass fiber mat provide protection against flame spread and flame penetration through the roof system. The slip sheet can also act as a barrier between chemically incompatible insulation and roof membranes. In addition, the sheet may be used in multiple layers to achieve certain Class A fire resistance ratings.

All content taken from Atlas website.

- See more at: http://www.atlasroofing.com/roof-insulation/fr-10#sthash.RnVrYjMC.dpuf

Dens Deck Cover Board 


DensDeck roof board, with its fiberglass mats and non-combustible gypsum core* - is resistant to mold growth, and has scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance under the ASTM D 3273 test method.

With billions of square feet installed over three decades in a complete range of roofing systems and climate extremes, DensDeck® Roof Boards have proven their toughness and versatility. DensDeck® panels continue to earn industry accolades due to their ability to deliver high quality performance, every time.

  • Recent survey findings name DensDeck Prime as the overall preferred cover board brand among roofing contractors. 
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Versico 60 Mil TPO Membrane