Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing To Install New GAF TPO Roofing System On Dick's Sporting Goods In Tacoma, WA

As a local commercial roofing contractor in Tacoma, WA we really enjoy opportunities to work work with established "name brand" companies. Currently (May 2017) we are working on a project we recently won right here in our own backyard, Dick's Sporting Goods at the Tacoma Mall. The project is currently in progress so we wont have finished assembly photos for a few weeks but would like to showcase the before photos and the extensive technical work that goes into making sure the correct assembly and application is provided on every building we work on. 

We Always Take A Consultative, Engineering Approach To Each And Every Job

Installing a roofing system whether it be a small residential reroof with asphalt laminated shingles or a large shopping mall requires engineering and investigative skills. Many contractors simply take the easy approach, which is to tear off the roof and put on the most convenient and standard system. The problem with that approach is that each structure has a unique building assembly and ventilation system that requires an engineered system. On Dick's Sporting Goods we performed several types of testing in order to ensure that we knew what was going on under the surface of the roof. After taking multiple core samples we discovered that there were 3 different types of substrate. 1) Structural concrete 2) Gypcrete 3) Lightweight insulating concrete over a metal deck. 

This scenario proves the necessity of taking an engineering approach. If we would have just torn into the project and installed our specified assembly we could have created a long term problem. Instead we sent in the 3 roofing substrate samples and had them tested. We discovered that two of the 3 substrates accepted a mechanically attached assembly and the third required a fully adhered application. Due to fact that we went through the proper procedures we are now able to create a custom and approved roofing assembly that the manufacture will stand behind and back with a 20 year no dollar limit warranty.  

Progress Report As Of 6/16/17: 

Things are moving along very well on our Dick's Sporting Goods project. In the four pictures below you will see the assembly coming together. Please excuse the mess, thats just part of the process. In the top two photos you see two critical parts of the assembly, the poly-iso ridged insulation and the Dens Deck cover board. The GAF Energyguard poly-iso is installed in two layers of 3.3" thick sheets, 4' x 8' in diameter. The insulation aides in keeping the building energy efficient. On top of the poly-iso you will see 1/2" Dens Deck. Dens Deck is a coverboard that creates a smooth and solid substrate for the membrane to lay on. In addition it qualifies the roofing system for a class "A" fire rating. The two lower pictures show the GAF Everguard TPO being layed out and positioned for installation. This project is unique in that a portion of the roofing membrane system is mechanically attached and the other portion is fully adhered. The project is on schedule. Stay tuned for more progress photos!