Adesa Seattle Shop Receives New Versico Single Ply Roofing System With Custom Skylights

We just finished a large commercial roofing project for Adesa Seattle. As one of the most experienced commercial roofing companies in the region, Tacoma Roofing and Waterproofing was chosen by Adesa Seattle as their trusted roofing contractor. We replaced the entire shop roof with a Versico TPO 60 mil rough single ply roofing system in gray. We installed EPS flute filler and USG Securock┬« cover board which were mechanically fastened to the existing substrate. In addition to the new roofing system, we installed 57 custom frosted acrylic dome TAM skylights. 

These skylights provide a great source of lighting for the Adesa building. There are many benefits in choosing skylights for an industrial building. Employees in a building with new skylights can benefit from the addition of natural lighting to their work environment. The owner of the building benefits financially by saving money on interior lighting expenses because the skylights allow sunlight in to  light the building. While also being financially beneficial , saving power in the long term is an environmentally conscious choice because less power is required to light the building reducing the long term carbon foot print of the Adesa building. The choice to add TAM skylights to this project was a great decision economically, environmentally, and for the business as a whole. 

The Versico single ply roofing system will offer years of protection and security for Adesa Seattle's shop. As a highly recommend commercial roofer, we focus on each customer's satisfaction with our work and assurance in the quality and durability of their roofing system. We meet the highest industry standards for safety and installation techniques. All our experienced technicians are highly trained in proper installation of each of our different commercial roofing systems. 

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