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Waterproofing Contractor Seattle & Bothell July 2014 Project

Bothell Concrete Waterproofing

Restoration Project July 2014

Concrete waterproofing is a very important yet often overlooked aspect of securing your homes soundness and longevity. All to often it's "out of site out of mind." We found this to be true recently and received a call from a customer looking for a waterproofing contractor in the Seattle/Bothell area. They were experiencing a continuous leak in the garage that was ruining the paint job on their vehicles among other personal belongings. This was unexpected considering this home was built only two years ago in this Bothell neighborhood. Luckily for the homeowner Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing is an expert above and below grade waterproofing contractor with experience in both new construction and existing structure applications. 

We responded quickly to the call and like other concrete waterproofing contractors we scheduled a free inspection and provided a project estimate. We discovered 3 areas on the foundation both above and below grade that were failing and needed repair. When the homeowner compared the diagnoses we provided, our solution and pricing we clearly provided the best value which helped them make a very easy decision to contract Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing to perform the needed repair work. 

We started work right away unearthing the below grade sections of the foundation. After exposing the foundation we applied 3 separate methods of repair. The first was to utilize crack fillers in the many areas that had cracked. The second was to utilize a PMMA (liquid applied waterproofing membrane on the vertical walls to restore a watertight function in this area. The third area of repair was to apply a waterproofing sheet membrane and drain mat on the below grade section of the foundation. We made sure the below grade sheet membrane was securely attached by installing a riglet flashing and fastening the membrane into the concrete. The result was a complete elimination of the leaks and a very happy home owner.

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Tacoma Roofing & Waterproofing is leader in the waterproofing industry in the Pacific Northwest. We have roofed over 10,000 residential homes and 100's of commercial building as a commercial roofer in Seattle. We have also installed sound concrete waterproofing systems on many commercial, multi-family and residential structures in the Puget Sound. 

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