Proctor South

Contractor: Rush Commercial
Product: Versico 60 mil Versiweld System:

             20-year NDL warranty

               Vapor barrier - fully adhered

               R-38 rigid insulation - mechanically attached & fully adhered

               Tapered crickets - mechanically fastened and fully adhered

               ½" DensDeck cover board - mechanically fastened and fully adhered

               60 mil TPO single-ply membrane - mechanically fastened

               Versico walk pad

               (2) - 1" Natural Gas pipe flashings

               (63) - Sanitary pipe flashings

               3-oz. polyester separator sheet under pavers and pedestals

Foreman: Christian Flores
Project Manager: Mike Docken
Completion Date: May 1, 2018

Avaya Ridge Seattle, WA

Project: Freemont Apartments

Location: Seattle

Scope of Work: Below-grade waterproofing

Product: SikaBit Primer AW

SikaBit S-60

SikaBit Drain Mat 420

Termination bar

Lead mushroom cap fasteners

Liquid modified bitumen membrane

Size of Project: 8,000 square fee

Summit Pacific Medical CenterElma, WA 

Grace Waterproofing System 

One of our recent waterproofing division projects was the Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma, WA. We provided 7,500 square feet of waterproofing including: 

Grace Bituthene 4000 with surface conditioner. 

Bituthene conditioner in the 90 degree angles. 

Hydroduct 220 drain mat. 

Our crew did a wonderful job installing the product to manufacturer specifications and maintaining all safety requirements for a public job site. 

Woodland & 45th Seattle, WA

Firestone Ultra Ply TPO

Happy Teriyaki Metal Siding

24 gauge Kynar painted metal siding. 

The Shelton Apartments in Seattle, WA

Product: 80 mil TPO single ply membrane roofing system with R-38 rigid insulation, ¼” DenDeck and mechanically attached TPO.

Bayview Apartments in Tacoma, WA

Installation of new substrate, framed in the vertical walls, mechanically fastened new gypsum board and GAF 60 mil TPO single ply membrane

Farmers Insurance Group Headquarters

in Mercer Island, WA

GacoFlex S-20 Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating in Gray

LCG Pence Construction of New Construction

in South Tacoma, WA

Versico 60 mil TPO single ply membrane roofing system and an Owens Corning Oakridge asphalt shingle roofing system 

Jimmy John's 

Kenmore, WA

Mechanically attached 60 mil Grey Slate GAF TPO single ply membrane roofing system with USG Securock® Brand Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board and Custom Edge Metal

Coca-Cola Distribution Center

Tacoma, WA

½” fan fold over existing built-up roofing then mechanically fastened screws and plates Versico 60 mil TPO Grey single ply membrane roofing 

Commercial Re-roof over an Existing Built-up Roof System

Redmond, WA

60 mil Versico TPO Single Ply Membrane with ½” fan fold as the separator sheet

Issaquah SpringHill by Marriott Hotel

Issaquah, WA

Versico White TPO 60mil Single Ply Membrane Roofing System NDL Warranty, 3.3 Polyiso thru Versico.

Casa Bueno Condominiums 

Tacoma, WA

GAF 60 mil TPO Single Ply Membrane Roofing System

Latitude 47 Apartments

University Place, WA

Versico TPO Single Ply Membrane Roofing System

Shelton Apartments 

Seattle, WA

60 and 80 mil Grey TPO Single Ply Membrane Roofing System

22 Mercer for Sierra Construction
Seattle, WA
60 mil TPO membrane by Versico with tapered crickets and gypsum board

Covington, WA

60 mil TPO by GAF with new coping metal

Girard Wood Products

Puyallup, WA

60 mil TPO NDL warranted Versico Roofing System using Fan Fold for the systems separator

Hunt Tower

Gig Harbor, WA

60 mil Versico Single Ply TPO Membrane Roofing System with R-38 rigid insulation, 1/2"/ft tapered crickets, and 24 gauge Kynar cap and metal roof system

Men's Clips Building

Olympic Plaza Gig Harbor, WA

Modified Bitumen Membrane Patch Project

Commercial Re-Roof

Covington, WA

60 mil TPO with fan-fold underneath and a No Dollar Limit Manufacturer Warranty

Bridgetown Furniture

Centralia, WA

60 mil GAF Everguard Single Ply Membrane mechanically fastened over ½” fanfold insulation

Before New Roofing System was Installed

During Installation of New GAF Everguard Roof

After New Roofing System was Installed


Rite Aid

 Auburn, WA

Johns Manville Single Ply TPO Membrane Roofing

Polaris at Covington

Covington, WA

Versico Single Ply TPO 60mil NDL warranty Roof System

Bargreen Ellingson Foodservice Supply & Design
Everett, WA
Flat, Single Ply Re-Roof

Project: Adesa Seattle Recondition Building, Auburn, WA.
Completed: July 2015
System: Versico 60 mil single ply TPO in gray, mechanically fastened, EPS flute filler, USG
 Sheetrock® Cover Board, with 57 custom TAM Skylights.

Project: Copper Trail Apartments; Olympia, WA
Completed: In progress as of October 2014
System: IKO Cambridge roofing shingles

Multi-Family Roofers Olympia WA

Project: Woodland Apartments; Olympia, WA

Multi-Family Roofing Contractor Olympia WA

Modified Bitumen/Torch down Roofing System

Commercial Roofers Tacoma WA

Camelot Apartments
Winter Commercial Re-Roof

The Henry Condominiums, Tacoma, WA-

Completed February 2015

 System: A multi-layer roofing system which includes a vapor, polyiso insulation and a few different single ply membranes to waterproof the building-